The Beach, Neighborhood and Places to Visit

Little Princess of the Sea

Copacabana which is also known as “Princesinha do Mar” because of a famous song in its honor, is one of the best known places in Brazil and the world due to its history, beauty of the beach surrounded by mountains and its cultural movement along of the years.

In terms of leisure, it is an interesting place for holidays, being in the region where are good hotels and strategically located in terms of transport and ease of movement. More than a beach, the neighborhood has historical sites and places for even ecological walks, with beautiful views.

The most famous beach in the world

Local attractions include the beach, where you can sunbathe and play sports during the day, and go for a walk on the boardwalk at dusk or at night. According to one of the most famous tour guide books, Copacabana is described as: “Copacabana is undoubtedly the capital of Brazilian tourism. It is possible to spend whole holidays in Brazil without leaving Copacabana, and some people do it. Most of the good hotels and also luxury hotels are in Copacabana. In Copacabana there are a multitude of restaurants, shops and bars. Copacabana is actually the liveliest area in Rio. ” The beach that is considered the most famous and known in the world is about 6km long, and from the beach you can see the Sugar Loaf and Morro do Leme, both mountains of rock and green slopes. The last kilometer of the eastern strip of sand between Princesa Isabel Avenue and Morro do Leme is called Leme Beach.

Things to do in Copacabana

The famous Copacabana Beach is an ideal place for sports such as stand up paddle, beach volley, canoeing, among others. Its boardwalk is one of the favorite places for cariocas for walking and cycling. Along the waterfront several kiosks serve snacks, drinks and cold coconut water. In post 6, you can visit the Fishermen’s Colony and enjoy the wonderful look of the Sugar Loaf in the background. Taking the classic picture with the statue of Drummond (Atlantic Avenue) is a must! For travelers passionate about history, a visit to the Army Historical Museum and Copacabana Fort is recommended at Colonel Eugênio Franco Square. In Copacabana Fort, there is also a branch of the famous Confeitaria Colombo – a place with a perfect view for a delicious breakfast or afternoon snack. Looking for a place in Copa for happy hour? So, go to the traditional Belecote Boteco. For lunch or dinner the good tips are: Alfaia Restaurant (30 Inhangá Street), Palace Steakhouse (16 Rodolfo Dantas Street) and Sá Restaurant (Avenida Atlantica). In terms of hype, the Fosfobox Nightclub, in Rua Siqueira Campos, is one of the best alternative clubs in the city. To conclude, it is worth remembering that one of the great attractions there is New Year’s Eve. Thousands of people dressed in white fill Copacabana Beach to party and watch the spectacular fireworks over the sea.

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